Getting a Handle

I’m just sitting at my desk at my Studio on Mayne Island – Shavasana – trying to conjure up the motivation to continue working on this new website. It’s been somewhat of a struggle as I am not overly fond of the process of building the actual site. I do find that once I “get into it”, it flows a bit more smoothly and the process seems to become more palatable. This is only the second website I’ve created, along with which I put together for my Gallery-Studio-Café. The first site was assembled using the GoDaddy platform & templates, and ultimately became a relatively painless procedure. The GoDaddy website builder was fairly intuitive and allowed me to put together the site in relatively short order – once I got a handle on it.

Now, adopting the new and unfamiliar WordPress platform means going through an obligatory tech learning curve…navigating strange new lands without benefit of a map. Once again though, the more time I spend with it the easier it becomes…my needs are simple and already I am recognizing the lay of the land.

These early posts are just mini exercises in the actual act of learning how to post, and to break through some inertia. I anticipate that the writing will become more relevant and meaningful as I continue along this path.



February 13, 2016