Eventually it breaks – or you do.

It’s December 9th and I’m sitting at my desk at my Art Studio/Gallery on Mayne Island. I’m looking out across my backyard which is covered in snow, across to Galiano Island and Active Pass which separates us. Snow is a rarity here in the Gulf of Georgia, now known as the Salish Sea, after the Coast Salish people with whom I share this clime. Thank you.


Despite having this studio for the past 3 years, I have only recently created this website which now enables me to “Blog” or Journal my activities here on Mayne Island at my little cottage business known locally as Shavasana Art Gallery & Café. As the name suggests, my studio also doubles (triples) as a place to view local art exhibits and drop in for a cup of coffee and hang out. Sometimes on these small islands (population roughly 1,000 kindly souls) it is wise and necessary to wear multiple hats. Providing a business which fills my needs for a creative studio and also gives islanders a place to drop in for a coffee and look at some local art seems to work quite nicely.

The gallery website has also only recently been launched – the idea being that it would be wise to have a stand-alone site for my creative work (as of this writing, primarily masks:  )and another for the ongoing events and activities of the Art Gallery Café (  ). Each site has it’s own journalling content needs so my work will be cut out for me. Given that 3 years have already gone by since I started on this journey, I have a lot of existing content which will – over time – be included in either site. I’ve been going through some earlier photos and a Journal that I’ve kept which will provide thoughts  and observations about life as an artist/curator on a small, idyllic, tranquil yet complex island in the Pacific Northwest.

Maybe it would be unfair to refer to the length of time it took to arrive at this particular junction on the journey as “procrastination” – I’ve been busy and there have been ……………………………………….distractions……………………………………….so…here I am…there is snow on the fields of this tranquil place, complexity abounds within and without, and there is much work to be done…this feels like a beginning 🙂

Getting a Handle

I’m just sitting at my desk at my Studio on Mayne Island – Shavasana – trying to conjure up the motivation to continue working on this new website. It’s been somewhat of a struggle as I am not overly fond of the process of building the actual site. I do find that once I “get into it”, it flows a bit more smoothly and the process seems to become more palatable. This is only the second website I’ve created, along with which I put together for my Gallery-Studio-Café. The first site was assembled using the GoDaddy platform & templates, and ultimately became a relatively painless procedure. The GoDaddy website builder was fairly intuitive and allowed me to put together the site in relatively short order – once I got a handle on it.

Now, adopting the new and unfamiliar WordPress platform means going through an obligatory tech learning curve…navigating strange new lands without benefit of a map. Once again though, the more time I spend with it the easier it becomes…my needs are simple and already I am recognizing the lay of the land.

These early posts are just mini exercises in the actual act of learning how to post, and to break through some inertia. I anticipate that the writing will become more relevant and meaningful as I continue along this path.



February 13, 2016