..Here I am, sitting on top of Mt Parke which is situated on Mayne Island a short walk from my art studio – www.shavasana.ca , where I am spending a good portion of my time. Mayne Island is a very sweet and tranquil place…it’s easy to fall in love with the natural beauty of this island, the sightlines are wonderful – the forests, the fields, the bays and the beaches. I divide my time between here and Kitsilano in Vancouver and find that I am increasingly drawn to Island life. I opened my studio in September 2013, and have been alternating my energy between running a small Gallery/Café, and focusing on my creative process – which includes the ceramic mask work you will find on this site.

Mayne Island and Shavasana are giving me a wonderful setting within which to “find my muse”.  Thus far, the natural beauty and ready access to the flora and fauna which you now so rarely see in Vancouver has rekindled some dormant appreciations for things we’ve lost in our urban environment.

Creativity can arrive quickly or slowly, for some it seems constant and effortless for others it is hard work, or, it doesn’t come at all. I’m not pushing this experience. Despite the ever present reminders of the passage of time, thus far, Mayne has been kind, and inspiration and “the muse” have paid visits that have been gentle and organic – and always appreciated. I always try and remember to be grateful.