The Accidental Curator – Episode 2 – Chapter 1 – Finding Shavasana

I’m about two years into publishing/posting episodes of The Accidental Curator, and recently published Episode 13. I’m not terribly active promoting my Podcasts, so it occurred to me recently to also share them with my two websites, Clay and Bone and . Although I’d referenced The Accidental Curator on both sites last year, I wasn’t actually sharing episodes – until now. So, my intention over the next while is to post episodes – chronologically – until I’m all caught up, and then post each one as they are produced (and Facebook etc.)- to cover all my social media. Hope this doesn’t flood any of you with TMI over the next short while…if you’ve already seen/listened to the podcasts, or, have no interest – please just ignore😊

“Finding Shavasana” is the first Chapter in the story of The Accidental Curator. The searching, the indecisiveness, the waffling, and finally, the finding of what would eventually become Shavasana Art Gallery & Café. A light-hearted adventure of exploration and change….November 22, 2020


George Bathgate