2 thoughts on “The Accidental Curator – Episode 10 – Sugartime

  1. Ah, yes, the many childhood sources of sugar. My mother loved sweets as did her mother, who would press a candy or two into my palm when we said our good-byes at my grandparent’s apartment in Vancouver. I recall eating a whole row of Nanaimo bars to conceal my theft. I was sneaky. I sucked the sweet brown-sugar juice out of my mother’s whole pies with a straw pushed through one of the slits in the crust. Finding a few pop bottles as a kid meant hurrying down the the corner grocer in Lynn Valley and getting either a bottle of pop or a chocolate bar. Obesseion.


  2. Ha ha! Thanks for sharing Dave! I knew that I wasn’t alone with my sugar obsessed childhood cravings. I especially like the straw in the pie trick…I’ll try that out!😆





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