I’m sitting at PureBread Café in Kitsilano on November 20, 2022 – a full year since I created this Podcast – and just carrying on with my plan to transfer all of my Podcasts onto my Shavasana Gallery website and my Clay and Bone site: https://clayandbone.com/ . It’s not a terribly difficult process, very cut and paste, but, as in many things I do online, I’m only vaguely – if not at all – aware of this reaching anyone or having any grand significance. Actually, as to “grand significance” I think it’s safe to say there is none…but I still feel compelled to continue. If you haven’t already listened to this recording, give it a shot, I think it’s a fun one…😊

“If you run a Gallery Café, anyone can walk through your doors…if it’s on a small island without police anything can happen – November 10, 2021”




3 thoughts on “The Accidental Curator – Episode 8 – The Drunk, The Blind Man, The Ukulele Player

  1. Thanks George, I’ve actually never listened to a podcast ever! Not something I do or seek out. Ergo, I haven’t yet hit the button to listen to any of these. I am much more likley to read something. Sorry. One of these days when I’m in the kitchen – which is where I do most of my radio listening – I’ll tune in. thanks and cheers, Kris


  2. Hi Kris!

    Podcasts aren’t for everyone, and in fact, I rarely listen to them either! 😆 I do enjoy making them though, and just decided to include links to them on both of my website Blogs – all 13 episodes!. I’m hoping this additional flurry of Blog Posts isn’t of-putting for anyone who receives my Website Posts…it’ll all be over soon!😆 (Some people though, and I know quite a few, who like Podcasts because they can listen while doing other things…driving, cooking walking etc…so much “stuf”f floating around out there!





  3. Thanks George, And I just learned something new: I didn’t realize that my comments were public here. Otherwise I would have sent you a personal note.
    Further, I have no idea why my comment is prefaced by suevohanka…
    More mysteries!


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