I am writing this from my table – roadside – at Xacalli Café in Centro La Manzanilla, Mexico. It’s late evening on Valentines Day 2018 and I am continuing on this path of writing while on the road – quite literally in this case. I seem to prefer writing in public places – cafés especially – where there is lots of life, energy and activity.


Massive trucks roll by, returning from the new construction project in La Tamarindo, young men and women cruise along on motorbikes and ATVs with children clinging to their backs,  bands are competing for the attention of passers by, shops are still doing a brisk business, and Nellie chases her two young daughters around Xacalli Café while her and her husband continue to work tirelessly in this ever-popular place.

Although I don’t have access to my journals while in Mexico for the specific period of time when I was creating Masks #7 (Cernunnos) and #8 (Alan Turing), I can tell from my photo record that I began work on Turing immediately after completion of Cernunnos – which was mid January 2015.

A movie on Alan Turing’s life had been released in late 2014 – The Imitation Game. Knowing very little about Turing at that time, I went to the film and was moved by his story – his significant contributions to mathematics and computing science, his outstanding contribution to cracking German codes during World War 2, and hence saving countless lives and shortening the war by several years, and ultimately, his maltreatment by the British Legal system, which was still prosecuting individuals for being gay in 1952 England. His punishment – chemical castration – ruined his health and he committed suicide in relative obscurity, primarily because his heroic deeds could not be recognized & heralded for many years after the war – and his life – had ended.

In short, I was moved by his inspiring yet ultimately tragic story and decided to make a mask in his honor. For a model I chose this black and white image from Wikipedia


Alan looks – passingly – like this sketch I created for aid in the mask-making process – (pay no attention to that right eye 🙂 )


A little clay work…


After firing and attaching the antlers…


After painting and a few other touch ups, I’ve finalized my homage to Alan Turing..,


Back at Xacalli…it’s around 9pm on February the 18th. Nellie the co-owner makes fabulous desserts and a mean cup of coffee which has become my evening treat in sobriety – as I write – in lieu of bars and clubs. The inclusion of photos from my photo library has been a little challenging on this iPad mini. Without labouring excessively on this, I may publish a few articles which will need to be doctored when I return to Vancouver and the power and convenience of my laptop.

As I continue on this journey of ceramic mask making I find that I am gravitating towards historical figures, or, individuals of note that interest me. The first 5 masks were primarily visual concepts – images – generated from my subconscious. Since Sakura, beginning with Oppenheimer, I have been more interested in paying homage to academics, political leaders or individuals who have had some influence on where we – as a culture or species – find ourselves now.

Back in Vancouver awaits Mask # 10, which is – I think – my best mask to date. It still needs firing (hopefully it will survive the kiln – always a concern for ceramicists) and, after I write up Mujica – Mask # 9, my Blog will be up to date as I move forward with new creations.

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