IMG_1095I began researching and sketching North American first nations faces while formulating my ideas for this mask. Chaac’s features could be Ojibway or Huron or one of many tribal groups from the northeast of the continent. There are countless examples of indigenous face painting to review, choose from, and emulate… this style comes up across different geographic areas and resonated with me while I was visioning Chaac’s final look.

Chaac is a name I borrowed from the Classic Mayan and denotes the Maya rain deity. Also known as Tlaloc among the Aztecs. According to Wikipedia, ..”Like other Maya gods, Chaac is both one and manifold. Four Chaacs are based in the cardinal directions and wear the directional colors. In 16th-century Yucatán, the directional Chaac of the east was called Chac Xib Chaac ‘Red Man Chaac’, only the colors being varied for the three other ones.”…this mask is not a depiction of Chaac the Mayan rain god (antlers do not appear on the statuary) I have simply chosen this moniker as one might choose Jesus or Mohammed for a child….gb

(Chaac is available for $425.00 (525.00 with Necklace) . If you reside in the Greater Vancouver/Victoria region there will be no cost for delivery, otherwise, delivery charges may apply. Either way, please contact me to discuss arrangements: George Bathgate at or 604-418-3846.)