Boko – $375.00 (495.00 with necklace)





The second in my series of human masks adorned with antlers, Boko is an amalgam of imagery and attributes, and is, thus far, the only mask I’ve named with a nod to the dark animus that resides within us. The face is subtropical African…the face paint is from the Wodaabe tribe – a small subgroup of ethnic Fulani nomadic herders in the Sahel, and the name “Boko” is borrowed from Boko Haram – an Islamic extremist group based in northeastern Nigeria.

The moniker “Boko” came to me during the creation of this mask – it did not precede it – and likely filtered into my consciousness after exposure to some fresh atrocity committed by the group of the same name. As is true of all my masks, the addition of antlers does not denote evil. Each mask has it’s own characteristics and attributes which come to light during the creative process.

$375.00 ($495 with Necklace)

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