IMG_1107The first in my series of antler-clad human masks, Tuatha is an ancient Gaelic term for “people(s); plural of Túath” …the style of glaze gives this mask the feel of an ancient bronze-age artifact, and is an homage to the Pagan deities that were so much a part of pre-christian Celtic life. In a modest effort to rehabilitate the negative image given to Pagan deities which sported antlers and horns (Cernunnos, Faunus, Pan) by the church, I have made this series of masks to counter that misconception of evil….

(Tuàtha is available for purchase for $395.00 ($495.00 with Necklace). If you reside in the Greater Vancouver/Victoria region there will be no cost for delivery, otherwise, delivery charges may apply. Either way, please contact me to discuss arrangements: George Bathgate at shavasana9@gmail.com or 604-418-3846.)