Just Push Play Audiomotion Theatre

I’ve included Just Push Play Audiomotion Theatre on the Clay & Bone website (as of April 19, 2019) for several reasons: Just Push Play is a theatre group which I and Co-Artistic Director Craig Laven created in 1989..I am proud of what we have accomplished, and it is

JPP Craig & George 1990IMG-5244

a 30 year Anniversary celebration of sorts and thus worthy of note; secondly, I just redesigned the website, also as an homage to our continued existence as a theatre entity (currently inactive but always ready to burst forth with creative vigour) and am pleased with the effort; thirdly, Clay and Bone is a website dedicated to all of my creative pursuits and is, therefore, a natural place to link to current or previous creative activities; and lastly, I am enjoying a return to writing, and I attach significance to my contribution as an occasional Playwright with Just Push Play (among other activities)

Although my attention has not been centred on Just Push Play for some years, I’ve not been idle and have directed my creative energies towards other areas of interest…such as Clay and Bone and Shavasana Art Gallery & Café and sobriety 🙂

With this renewed interest in creative writing it has crossed my mind to write a new play for JPP…or at the very least, to write about JPP either on the site Blog or in subsequent creative written work…stay tuned and Just Push Play!

JPP Bullet Icons